Hungersheath Farm is a working 270 acre farm, run by Nick and Helen Furnival, closely supported by their family and team.  Both Nick and Helen are born and bred farmers, growing up on local farms.

Nick and his parents moved to  Hungersheath in 1984, soon continuing the pick your own (PYO) that his father was the first to start in the area in the 1960s, and also setting up a new milking system.  The land at Hungersheath is light and ideal for growing crops (traditionally it was a potato farm) so in 1986, Nick had the idea of growing asparagus – back then a relatively unknown vegetable.  We continue to grow it, now on an area of 10 acres, and it the the crop that we are most famous for.

Over the years, we have gradually created a farm shop offering a wide range of our own home-grown and home-made produce, alongside the best that is available locally.

In 2007, we converted an old carthouse in disrepair into a beautiful, traditional tea room and extended the car parking facilities.

We are both passionate about our farming, and about our own and local foods, and we hope that you think as much of Hungersheath as we do!

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