Phew!  We are just gathering breath after a very hectic start to the asparagus season.  Not only did it arrive early – the first pick for the shop was on the 6 April! – when it did come, there was no stopping it!  No two seasons are ever the same.  Last year it was late and slow to get going, this year was quite different!  Asparagus thrives when the sun is shining on it, and with the gorgeous weather that we have had, it was growing as fast as we could pick it!  That meant all hands were called on to help, so every member of the family picked and graded… from the very young (8 years of age) to the not so young (won’t disclose ages here!).  It is a fabulous crop and it is so nice to see our asparagus customers again!  People travel from far and wide for our asparagus, who appreciate that it is with us for such a short season: typically May and June.  Come and enjoy the first tastes of summer!

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