Today it is National Apple Day, so we plan, as we did last year, to celebrate the Great British Apple for the rest of the week.  We have just purchased some delicious local apple juice, from Combemere Abbey, near Burleydam, Whitchurch, pressed from their own apples, which will be available to taste.  Also on taste will be the produce of another new Cheshire supplier: apple-based chutneys from Clippy’s Apples.  “Clippy”  (so called because of her love of hairclips, apparently!) created all the recipes herself at home and creates awareness through her produce of the decline of the English orchard (we have lost over half of the orchards in this country since the 1970’s). 

In addition to the delicious Cox’s and Bramley apples that we sell, we also have some cooking apples for sale at the moment that are from the village.  All proceeds from the sale of these local apples will go to the local First Responders.

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